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Jennica Gomez

Hi, I'm Jennica. Welcome! I'm an actress and makeup artist based in Columbia, MO. (Always willing to travel!) A little bit about me...

Jennica Gomez is a Biracial, American Actress, based in the Midwest. While being a licensed mortgage loan originator, she uses as much of her time as possible acting in local and nationally-based commercials and films. Jennica is professional on set, and encouraging to other actors! While growing up in a small town didn't always provide opportunities to pursue her passion, she found ways around the obstacles. Shortly after graduating from High School, Jennica found modeling, and through it, landed her first on-screen role, as a Wild'N Out Girl for Nick Cannon's Wild'N Out! During the Spring Break Special, taped in Cancun, Mexico, Jennica hosted both episodes, along-side DJ D-Wreck, and fell in love with entertaining a crowd! The high she felt was surreal, but shortly after returning to her small town, she fell back into the monotonous ways of living to work, rather than working to live, which she always strived for, internally. After several years, she was married, with two daughters, and her fast-paced emcee life was far behind her. It wasn't until much later, after going through a divorce, and finally buying her first home, that she realized her life wasn't over, just because of the mountain of objections in her way. She was contacted about a supporting role in an independent film project, out of Jefferson City, MO, and after shooting wrapped for the project, she was hooked again! She followed the project up by accepting another supporting role in a student film, produced by a film major at University of Missouri Film School. She got good feedback during the multiple shoot days, and is excited to continue her journey into acting with an open mind and an open heart!


Since she has always wanted to pursue acting, she cannot wait to jump in to the industry, and learn everything she can, in order to create a life she knows she is meant to have. 

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Jennica Gomez
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