Who Do I Think I Am?

What do I know about creating a blog, and why would people want to read about my life? I have no business trying to get into blogging so late in the game, or do I? I have thought about all of these things prior to finally sitting down and starting to actually type these words. I have actually thought about starting a blog multiple times, and have managed to talk myself out of it every. time.

I actually think that one of the reasons I am finally getting around to it, is that I'm not getting any younger, and I actually think someone might getting something out of what I have to say! If not, at least I am practicing my words per minute typing skills!

My Inspired Soul comes from the idea that maybe something I share will touch you in some way to either inspire you or to give you a laugh, and if my soul can do that, you better believe so can yours!

One thing about me is that I realize there is always a bright side! Even when it feels like it may not come around for a while, possibly even a long while, it's coming! And I'll be the first to remind you about it! I've heard that one of my tendencies is to forget when negative things happen, but I actually think it may be a defense mechanism... I do not like to dwell on negativity, and if I feel it coming on, I will mentally burn whatever is causing it to the ground. As an example, I will forgive you within the hour, even if you tell me that I remind you of a hyena who got into the Ritalin. I sometimes sound like it when I laugh. Sorry in advance, in case I start vlogging at some point! Anyways, I will forgive you, because staying mad is not a personality trait that I have! I would rather get over things and move on to our scheduled ice cream date, than sit and dwell on how something could have been said nicer, or whatever. It's just not worth it.

Now, moving on to what this blog is going to be about, mostly... I want to inspire you but also make you laugh. If this becomes a place where you feel like you can escape from any certain mundane or stressful part of your life, I would be uber-thrilled! I will share funny happenings as well as anything that comes to mind, and I would love to see your thoughts and comments, as well. It's like a burn book, but we will try our best NOT to hurt anyone's feelings! I just mean we can all work on it together, like a team!

I cannot wait to get to know you all better, and also to possibly get to know more about myself, especially since I never have been one to journal. I have good intentions and by journals, get them as gifts, you know the drill, but they always end up with one page filled out, and then ripped out and given to my kids for doodling! I hope to really make something of this space, and I can't wait to have you along for the ride!

Welcome to the show!

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